AVS Ultimate – Age Verification System

AVS Ultimate - Age Verification System


AVS Ultimate is an easy to use jQuery powered Age Verification System that allows you to verify your visitor’s age before allowing them access to site content. PHP fallback functionality allows AVS Ultimate to keep functioning even if the visitor’s browser has javascript disabled or does not supports javascript at all.

Key Features

No server side dependency
AVS Ultimate is powered by jQuery/Javascript which allows you to use this script on servers that don’t support PHP. It does comes loaded with a PHP fallback functionality for those who would like to use it on their PHP supported web hosts.

Easy to set up and customize
Easy to understand documentation is available which will allow users of all expertise levels to quickly and easily set up the age verification system for the web pages. Details such as the minimum allowed age of the visitor or duration for which the visitor choices are to be remembered etc can be set without any hassles. All necessary information is thoroughly explained in the documentation. Customizing the look and feel of the script is easy for even the most basic web developers.

4 different validation methods available
AVS Ultimate is loaded with 4 different validation methods.

  • Click: Visitor simply selects whether or not he/she is of the allowed age.
  • Input Age: Visitor enters his/her age
  • Input Birthday: Visitor enters the day, month and year for his/her date of birth
  • Select: Visitors selects the day, month and year for his/her date of birth

Built-in invalid birthday checker
Whenever a visitor enters/selects the date of birth, script will automatically verify if the date of birth entered is in fact a valid date before calculating the visitor’s age.

PHP fallback for javascript disabled browsers
In case the browser used to access your web page has javascript disabled or does not supports javascript then the PHP fallback functionality kicks in to ensure that the visitor doesn’t gets to view the page content without verifying his/her age. Instead of getting the JS based content blocker, visitor is redirected to a PHP page. You can enable or disable this feature.

All validation methods retained in PHP fallback mode
All methods for validation visitor’s age are available for the PHP fallback mode as well which means that whenever the PHP fallback functionality is triggered for a particular method, same method will be used to verify visitor’s age using PHP functionality.

Clean and modern content blocker
Content blocker is elegantly designed and looks great on almost all web pages. You can easily add/remove a message or other content without having to worry about additional styling.



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