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Classico – responsive, Ecommerce theme with up-to-date mix of design and functionality, will turn your store into a destination for inspirational shopping.

Classico – is an elegant, modern, fashionable template that is fully compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce, will surely take your breath away

Give your site a beautiful, up-to-date design with our theme, to draw in more visitors and potential customers. You will take control of your website with a wide range of user friendly tools that make building a website as easy as point and click.

Classico looks fantastic on phones, tablets, and PCs. Your mobile visitors will be able to experience the same brilliant design as desktop users, in a layout that is optimized for their screen. Customize your website with a drag and drop interface. Building a website has never been easier.


Latest Version 2.8 – Сore 1.2.2 February 10 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.9.1
FIXED: Excerpt words limit for grid/mosaic posts layout
FIXED: Ajax add to cart for the grouped products

Version 2.7 – Core 1.2.1 November 07 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED : WooCommerce 3.8.0 compatibility
ADDED : Notice for Classico Core plugin version
ADDED : Classico Core plugin version check
FIXED: Products order in the header mini cart
FIXED : Duplicated brand description on brand archive
FIXED : Breadcrumbs image

Version 2.6 – August 15 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: WooCommerce 3.7.0 compatibility
ADDED: Classico Core plugin version check
ADDED: Notice for Classico Core plugin version
FIXED: Shopping mini cart products order
FIXED: Double brand description on brand archive

Version 2.5 – June 15 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: Envato theme check compatibility
ADDED: reCaptcha for the custom contact form
IMPROVED: Redux Framework plugin is required to get Theme Options
IMPROVED: CMB2 plugin is required (page/post/product options)
FIXED: Contact Form element duplicated fields (email, username, etc)
FIXED: et_get_mobile_menu
FIXED: et_get_main_menu()
FIXED: Categories carousel with the stretch row
FIXED: Portfolio shortcode
FIXED: Color in Main Navigation links option
REMOVED: et_remove_cssjs_ver filter for style_loader_src and script_loader_src
REMOVED: ET_Theme_Updater class
REMOVED: Fixed Navigation active links option
UPDATED: Classico Core (formerly 8theme Post Types) to 1.2

Version 2.4 – April 24
FIXED: WC 3.6.1 compatibility
FIXED: Translation of the “Remove” string on cart page (mobile version)
FIXED: Screets Live Chat plugin installation error
FIXED: Related posts clear after single post content

Version 2.3 – November
ADDED: WooCommerce 3.5.1 compatibility
FIXED: Functions of the shortcodes were made pluggable
FIXED: Translations
IMPROVED: Cart layout for the mobile devices

Version 2.2 – June 05
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v3.4.x
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress v4.9.6
ADDED: GDPR compatibility ( privacy policy option for [8THEME] Contact Form VC element and 8theme contact form shortcode )
ADDED: Notification for VC elements( [8THEME] Brands, [8theme] Product categories, [8THEME] Products ) if required plugins are not installed or activated)
ADDED: Compatibility with PHP 7.3.2
ADDED: Display brand option (8Theme Options-> E-Commerce-> Single Product Page)
ADDED: Single product thumbnail image (get from customizer -> WooCommerce -> Product Images -> Thumbnail width )
FIXED: Custom metaboxes
FIXED: Class woothemes widget testimonials with php 7.2+
FIXED: Image for product variations
FIXED: Blank page
FIXED: Zoom image size
FIXED: Instagram widget
FIXED: “grabbing.png” image error
FIXED: “Use custom footer for this page” option for archive product page(shop)
FIXED: Email to a friend
FIXED: Double _wpnonce
FIXED: Catalog mode for variation products
FIXED: Archive product hover image size
FIXED: Add to cart popup image from quick
FIXED: 8theme wishlist button – class to check “YITH_WCWL_Shortcode”
REMOVED: framework/templates/woocommerce – folder
REMOVED: classico/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/ – folder
REMOVED: classico/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/simple.php – file

Version 2.1 – February 08 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: WooCommerce 3.3.1 compatibility
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress 4.9.4
ADDED: Search by SKU (8Theme Options -> General -> Header Settings -> Search by SKU)
IMPROVEMENT: 8theme brand filter widget ( added “Show as dropdown”, “Show hierarchy” options )
FIXED: Double search IDs
FIXED: Double login form IDs
FIXED: Ajax bad requests
FIXED: Image carousel “title decoding”
FIXED: Promo popup for the pages that are not WC pages
FIXED: Coupon code on cart page when sidebar is enable (for iPad)
FIXED: Title issue for single product popup
FIXED: Thumbnails slider on variable productsv
FIXED: Empty brands page error
FIXED: Gallery inside post content
FIXED: attachment.php file problem
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

Version 2.0 – October 20 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce WC 3.2.6
ADDED: Theme deactivation
ADDED: Compatability with php 7.0 7.1
ADDED: WPML translation for VC elements
FIXED: Unrecognized options in WordPress customizer
FIXED: Translation
UPDATED: Translation file

Version 1.9
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v3.1.1
ADDED: Ajax add to cart for variable products
FIXED: Delete button on custom sidebar widget
FIXED: zoom.js error in console
FIXED: Responsive on shop page for iPad
UPDATED: Translation file

Version 1.8
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce v3.0.7
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress v4.7.5
ADDED: Theme activation
ADDED: Setup Wizard
ADDED: New product image hover effect ‘Quick view on img click’
ADDED: Sidebar mobile position for shop option
ADDED: Sidebar mobile position for blog option
ADDED: Project images size option
FIXED: Checkout fields on mobile devices
FIXED: Change variation image for Quick View
FIXED: Payment methods
FIXED: Full width menu for 6 columns
FIXED: Content of the empty cart page
FIXED: Content of the checkout page
FIXED: 8theme twitter widget, VC element
FIXED: Compatibility with WPML ( Ajax add to cart )
FIXED: Promo popup background size option
UPDATED: Included plugins

Version 1.7.1
FIXED: Cart page and Cart header popup
FIXED: Variable Product
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs
UPDATED: Included plugins

Version 1.7 – July 09 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: Compatibility with woocommerce v2.6.x plugin.
ADDED: Compatibility with WordPress 4.5.3.
IMPROVED: Dummy content Import.
FIXED: Compatibility with WPML plugin.
FIXED: Instagram widget issue.
FIXED: Bug with facebook Share button.
FIXED: Bug with VC banner element.
FIXED: Bug with VC tabs element.
FIXED: Bug with middle alignment of row content.
FIXED: get_currentuserinfo() changed to wp_get_current_user().
FIXED: Empty cart page problem.
UPDATED: Included plugins.

Version 1.6 – Mart 23 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: Ability to use shortcodes in brand description.
ADDED: Product Layout for separate products.
ADDED: Social widget.
ADDED: Visual Composer Social element.
ADDED: Social links shortcode [follow title=“Follow Us” facebook=”#” twitter=”#” instagram=”#” google=”#” pinterest=”#” linkedin=”#” tumblr=”#” youtube=”#” vimeo=”#” rss=”#” colorfull=“true/false” size=“small/normal/large”]
ADDED: Using of Ultimate Addons elements in sidebar/footer areas.
ADDED: Auto excerpt settings.
FIXED: Bug with “Have a coupon” text on cart page.
FIXED: Bug with popup.
FIXED: Bug with hover image.
FIXED: Bug with portfolio.
FIXED: Bug with product title and product rating (Fixed product type).
FIXED: Bug with product share buttons (Fixed product type).
FIXED: Sidebars on brand page.
FIXED: Single product title.
FIXED: Russian ruble symbol.
FIXED: Bug with 3,5,6 header structures.
FIXED: Minor CSS changes
UPDATE: Font Awesome to Version 4.5.0.
UPDATE: Included plugins

Version 1.5 – January 29 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.5.x
FIXED: Google fonts for Mozilla FireFox

Version 1.4 – December 08 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED:  Compatibility with VC v.4.8.x 
ADDED:  Brands (grid/slider) Visual Composer element 
FIXED: Testimonials VC element (interval option) 
FIXED: Translation of New lablel (WPML) 
FIXED: Image zoom on Variable product when some attribute is pre-selected 
FIXED: Mobile menu with 10 header type 
FIXED: Compatibility Flickr widget with HTTPS 
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs

Version 1.3 – June 05 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.4.x
FIXED: Grouped product quick view popup
FIXED: Quantity inputs on mobile devices
FIXED: Wishlist table images
FIXED: Blog grid on responsive
FIXED: Icon Box VC element
FIXED: Instagram Widget
FIXED: Minor CSS bugs
UPDATED: Included plugins
DELETED:  classico/woocommerce/myaccount/my-address.php

Version 1.2 – June 05 (Free Lifetime updates!)
ADDED: RTL support
ADDED: Instagram widget

ADDED: Drop-down type of search form
ADDED: Option to display Reviews out of the tabs position
ADDED: New Shop widget area – above the products (link to the page)
ADDED: Column option for VC element 8theme Categories
IMPROVED: Hover option for VC element 8theme Products
IMPROVED: Tabs on single product page
IMPROVED: bbPress forum styles
IMPROVED: Boxed Version with vertical header variant
IMPROVED: Vertical Header (Cart & Search options)
FIXED: In Stock option on Single Product Page
FIXED: Ajax add to cart for variable products

Version 1.1 – May 21 (Free Lifetime updates!)

ADDED : Fixed Single Product Page Layout!
ADDED : Ability to set columns for mosaic and grid layouts

ADDED : Left and Right Top Bar widget area, PreFooter widget area

ADDED : Animated cart design
ADDED : Styling Theme Options – Sale label, New label, Regular price, Sale price, Fixed Header Background, Fixed Navigation links, Fixed Navigation active links
IMPROVED : Default, Default Left breadcrumbs types
IMPROVED : Product name option
FIXED : Page settings for Shop page
FIXED : Typography options
FIXED : Minor CSS bugs
UPDATED : Included plugins



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