HTMLEdito – HTML, CSS, JavaScript Live Editor

HTMLEdito - HTML, CSS, JavaScript Live Editor


HTMLEdito is HTML Editor, CSS Editor and Javascript Editor script in one simple and user-friendly UI. It is build with HTML5, CSS3 and many javascript libraries. You can use it for editing and working with any HTML markup, CSS codes, and Javascript codes for testing, implementing and debuging purpose, where you will see the output result directly (live) in the browser window.

Are you familiar with Codepen or JSFiddle? HTMLEdito is the code editor just like and It does the same as expected for working offline. It has live preview output, resizable panel editor, selectable theme editor (dozen), ready to use popular HTML and CSS framework (just one click button) making coding activities more simpler and easier.

HTMLEdito is a must-have tool for web programmer, web master, developer, blogger, web and UX designer or even for a newbie working with HTML, CSS and javascript code for editing and customizing. The app is zero configuration, no need installation (Just run index file with modern browser) and perfectly working offline (No need internet connection).

HTMLEdito - Main Features Editor

HTMLEdito - Main Features Editor

HTMLEdito - Main Features Editor

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  • Includes: 3 templates editor .
  • Code editor with live preview panel
  • Work with desktop, tablet, and mobile browser.
  • Test any HTML, CSS and Javascript codes.
  • Resizable Window Editor
  • Editor themes selection
  • Increase & Decrease font size
  • Execute javascript code directly or manually.
  • Ready to insert media (images, audio and video)
  • Work with popular library (Bootstrap, Foundation, jQuery etc.)
  • Custom preview panel (set width and height)
  • No Installation Needed, No Setup, ready to use.
  • Client-side codes, no need server.
  • Well Documented
  • and Much More!




19/02/2019: (version 1.2.1)
- Update package libraries.
- add some code improvement
- remove unnecessary script
- enhanced loading issues

18/12/2018: (version 1.2)
- Update all libraries (latest).
- fixed: Folder structure
- update and fixed: library script

22/03/2018: (version 1.1)
- Rebuild - Now Using NPM for easy maintenance and update.
- Supports Emmet
- Fixed Minor bugs and design
- Update All Libraries to latest version
- Add additional Libraries to "library" menu

17/07/2017: (version 1.0)
- Version 1.0 Initial Release



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