Loop – Google Maps UI Elements

Loop - Google Maps UI Elements


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Short Description

This is an additional UI elements widget for Google Maps. Allows to use search through marked locations, select them from the map or from locations lists. Also, you can group locations and select locations by groups. It has simple locations JSON input method and well-commented code, that allows you to easily use or modify functionality and styles.


This is the list of types of forms that are included in the collection. Please note, not all of these forms are designed in all styles. Watch screenshots to make sure you have one you need.

  • Search. Custom search control allows you to search from your markers on the map. This element also displays currently selected markers.
  • List. Custom list control allows you to view and remove only selected markers.
  • Groups. Custom groups control allows you to select markers by groups or deselect all of them.
  • Module System. You can on and off any modules, change and customize the functionality of the map.
  • JSON Upload. You can send markers data via JSON format. Upload it from your own server or from a remote.
  • Custom Marker. You can assign your own image as a marker. Upload it from your own server or from a remote.
  • Easy Modify. The code has good comments and logic structure, short notice, and contacts. This will allow your programmer easy to modify functionality. Please, fill free to mail.



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