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Lush is a complete solution for everybody in the music industry.

If you are a jazz master, punk rocker, soprano singer, piano player, band manager or even a webmaster, this premium theme is for you.
We build this theme with a vision: How can we design a beautiful website dedicated to multiple music lovers that will always looks beautiful and unique?

The answer is in Lush Music WordPress Theme.

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Music WordPress Theme Overview



- Zoltan Szirmai (
- Engin Asil (
- Robin Lambrecht (
- Michael Thompson (
- Jessica Branstetter (
- Montecruz foto (

- Green poster by Sarah Mulligan (
- Yellow poster by Spablab (
- Accoustic poster by Room122 (


V.2.9.10- January 30th 2020

- Fixed: Footer issue with Elementor
- Updated: WPBakery page Builder Plugin to 6.1

V.2.9.9- November 26th 2019

- Updated: Woocommerce template
- Remove Deprecated Envato Toolkit library updaters
- Fixed Mobile audio player style issue
- Fixed Gallery PHP error

V.2.9.8- February 28th 2019

- Updated: WPBakery Page Builder to 5.7
- Updated: Slider Revolution to 

V.2.9.7- January 2th 2019

- Updated: WPBakery Page Builder to 5.6
- fixed: Child theme
- Removed: Deprecated Favicon theme option

V.2.9.6- October 24th 2018

- Updated: WPBakery Page Builder to 5.5.5 
- Updated: Slider Revolution to 5.4.8 
- Updated: Iron-demo-Impoter to 1.4
- Fix issues with php 7.2x
- Single album store buttons now open in a new tab

V.2.9.5- May 22th 2018

- Updated: Slider Revolution to (Instruction: To update the plugin, go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and re-install the plugin. You won't loose anything.)

V.2.9.4- March 12th 2018

- Updated: WPBackery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer) to 5.4.7 (Instruction: To update the plugin, go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and re-install the plugin. You won't loose anything.)

- Update WooCommerce template to be compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.1

V.2.9.3- November 17th 2017

- Updated: WPBackery Page Builder (Formerly Visual Composer) to 5.4.4 (Instruction: To update the plugin, go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and re-install the plugin. You won't loose anything.)

- Updated: Revolution Slider to (Instruction: To update the plugin, go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and re-install the plugin. You won't loose anything.)

V.2.9.2- September 5th 2017

- Fix minor issue footer.php where php warning was shown from V 2.9.1

V. – September 2nd 2017

- Removed deprecated functions of VC.

V.2.9.1 – September 1st 2017

- Updated: Iron Demo Importer to version 1.2
- Updated: Visual Composer to 5.2.1
- Updated Revolution Slider to
- Updated: Nmedia Mailchimp plugin is deprecated and is replaced by the powerful plugin: MailChimp for WordPress
- Updated: Documentation on how to import the demos

* To update the plugins, go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and re-install the plugin. You won't loose anything.

V.2.9 – April 21th 2017

- Updated Revolution Slider to 5.4.1
- Updated Visual Composer to 5.1.1
- Refactored for WooCommerce 3.*
- Fixed parallax on Firefox
- Fixed Object background for Internet explorer
- Added an option on Event section to redirect on external link

V.2.8 – January 27th 2017

- Updated FontAwesome 4.7.0
- Adding BandCamp for FontAwesome
- Adding the feature "image Header" to all custom post type
- Adding the option "disable row" in Visual Composer
- Fixed an issue with the tab element and the pageable container
- Fixed an issue with browsers not supporting media-object-fit css property

V.2.7.1 – July 6th 2016

- Fixed a issue when on theme activation when there was no option saved.
- Fixed a issue with custom style and WPML

V.2.7 – June 20th 2016

- Updated Visual Composer to version 4.12
- Updated Revolution Slider to version
- Refactored and fixed the Twitter Widget. You will have to set your own Twitter API keys to make the twitter feed working again.
- Refactored the demo importer with Unyson Framework for better performance
- Updated TGMPA
- Fixed an issue with WP 4.5.x where custom-style is not loaded when permalinks are set to "base" 
- Fixed issue with wp_enqueue
- Fixed parallax issue
- Removed php warning and notice

V.2.6 – April 15th 2016

- Fixed WordPress 4.5 compatibility with Visual Composer and Javascript
- Fixed menu width on some mobile devices
- Fixed broken logo for people using https
- Updated Visual Composer to version 4.11.2 (Go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and install the new plugin)
- Updated Revolution Slider to version (Go to WP-Admin > Plugins > Delete the plugin then go to Appearance > Install Plugins > and install the new plugin)

V.2.5 – February 15th 2016

- Added Sidekick 2.6.8 - Real-time, voice-guided WordPress training and support straight from your dashboard

V. – February 06th 2016

- Fix issue with background color of widgets since v2.4

V.2.4 – February 2nd 2016

- Added settings in typography to change the text size of the page banners for desktop, tablet and mobile
- Added word-break: break-word for H1 title
- Fixed an issue regarding the parallax effect when the page is reloaded while scrolling down the page. The background-position was miscalculated
- Fixed display issue on the MP3 player when you had long titles
- Fixed conflict when using an ID named Events
- Fixed display issue when you have only 2 menu items with short names
- Fixed the back to top button
- Lush now comes with a .pot file to easily translate your theme
- Fixed the retina logos
- Updated WooCommerce template

V.2.3.5 – December 07th 2015

- Fix menu slider for one-pager
- Fix Google Font domain with best practice

V.2.3.4 – November 19th 2015

- Fix page banner conflict with page background image.

V.2.3.3 – November 18th 2015

- Updated Visual Composer to 4.8.1
- Fixed the VC Text block where Wysiwyg and text editor was hidden.
- Updated the Special Header with parallax background
- Fixed full background issues that was chopped at the top of the page.
- Fixed the VC Tab module is now fully working.
- Added CSS -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; on the body

V.2.3.2 – October 07th 2015

- Minor adjustment that fix background and parallax header for people who installed version 2.3.1

V.2.3.1 – October 07th 2015

- Updated Visual Composer to 4.7.4
- New ! Banner header option for pages with parallax ! You can find this option when you edit your pages (Wp-Admin>Pages>Edit your page)
- Improved the SmoothScroll effect for a smoother experience ! 

V.2.3 – September 15th 2015

- Updated Visual Composer to 4.7
- Updated Revolution Slider to 5.0.6 (Major update)
- Fix error call on mobile where some files where 404 not found
- Update WooCommerce template to be compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.6
- Fix title for video archive (all categories)
- Moving old plugins for backup, if you want to use the old plugins they are located in "Lush/includes/plugins/old" 

V.2.2.10 – June 19th 2015

- Update Visual Composer to 4.5.3

V.2.2.9 – April 15th 2015

- Fixed images in revolution slider, iphone/mobile   
- Fixed header on mobile
- Fixed demo import
- Fixed placeholders in setup
- Fixed arrows in primetime
- Fixed css in WooCommerce child section
- Fixed security issues related to add_query_arg/remove_query_arg
- Fixed padding issues in VC
- Added post-type priority
- Added style on container
- Added button on page event page
- Updated TGM to 2.4.2
- Updated Visual Composer to 4.5.1
- Updated Revolution Slider to 4.6.93
- Removed outline on player
- Removed unnecessary WooCommerce override
- Removed shadow on text menu

V.2.2.8 – February 09th 2015

- Fixed scroll issue on android / chrome 
- Fixed scroll to section issue on mobile

V.2.2.7 – January 16th 2015

- Updated Visual Composer to v4.3.5 / Fixed bugs on WP 4.1
- Updated Slider Revolution to v.4.6.5
- Updated jPlayer to v2.9.2
- Ajaxified demo import

V.2.2.6 – January 09th 2015

- Optimized theme options / demo import

V.2.2.5 – November 25th 2015

- Added button widget
- Fixed css discography & mediablocks
- Fixed video grid bug chrome

V.2.2.4 – November 12th 2014

- Fixed archive.php child theme support  
- Updated Slider Revolution to 4.6.3 
   - Added possibility to remove row padding on small and medium screens

V.2.2.3 – October 23th 2014

- Update Visual Composer to v.4.3.4
- Update jPlayer to v.2.6.0
- Enhanced Parallax Options
- Added row overlays and patterns
- Fixed scroll to section section id
- Fixed background images on mobile
- Fixed issue with page scroll on tab click
- Added single shop page title option
- Added auto loop to audio player
- Update back to top animation
- Added theme panel Menu Options

V.2.2.2 – August 22th 2014

- Added option to change hot links colors
- Fixed 404 error on past event pages

V.2.2.1 – August 14th 2014

- Fixed media library issue

V.2.2 – August 13th 2014

- Updated jPlayer.swf
- Added events settings options
- Added hide logo on scroll option
- Fix events order on single page sidebars
- Radio Widget - Added show playlist option
- Format single album release date to inherit wordpress date settings.
- Added visual composer custom button widget 
- Added visual composer single event widget  
- Added Categories to Discographies

V.2.1.1 – July 25th 2014

- Fix css breakpoint page albums pour iPad   
- Fix iPhone 5 slider photo  
- Added lightbox transition option   
- Added a label option for the <buy track=""> button</buy>   
- Added option to enable footer newsletter on homepage only  

V.2.1.0 – July 17th 2014

- Added Envato Automatic Theme Updater

V.2.0.9 – July 14th 2014

- Event: Dont show time when it's unselected in the admin.
- Event: Include event city in the post. Include Venue in events list.
- Discography: Include the release date on the discography single page.
- Update Visual Composer 4.2.3 (newest version) + Slider Revolution (newest version)

V.2.0.8 – June 19th 2014

- Added Row ID field to visual composer rows that can be used for navigation.<br />Ex: if you enter "work" then you can add a custom link to the menu as follow: "#work". Once this link is clicked, the page will be scrolled to that specific section.

V.2.0.7 – June 16th 2014

- Fixed redux group field order

V.2.0.6 – June 04th 2014

- Updated Visual Composer to v4.2.2

V.2.0.5 – May 26th 2014

- Updated ACF to v4.3.5-13

V.2.0.4 – May 22th 2014

- Fix single event bug
- Added countdown localisation compatible with WPML
- Updated fontAwesome to v4.1.0
- Added body and menu typography

V.2.0.3 – May 12th 2014

- Fixed bug with errors showing on theme activation

V.2.0.2 – May 07th 2014

- Added menu toggle icon on / off option 
- Added "Is Menu" option to header hot links
- Added page settings to all post types singles

V.2.0.1 – April 02nd 2014

- Fix header hot links
- Fix form styles

V.2.0 – April 29th 2014

- <font color="#a46497"><b>WooCommerce</b></font> - Fully Supported
- Fixed revolution slider default data import
- Fixed Newsletter options
- Added top menu options

V.1.0.1 – April 23th 2014

- Clean up unused code   
- Added single post thumbnail options for each single
- Updated Visual Composer to 4.1.2   
- Fixed video widget categories filter   
- Added "if exists" validation to header logos   
- Fix Contact 7 Form styles



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