Multi Exchange Crypto App – JavaScript/Hybrid

Multi Exchange Crypto App - JavaScript/Hybrid


Multi Exchange Crypto App – JavaScript Hybrid App

Ready to Trade App for an Exchange

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Multi Exchange App Product Page

Multi Exchange Mobile App Sources
  • Integrate and trade with any exchange
  • Implement various strategies with more manual approach
  • Facilitate trading procedures and routines
  • Implement customisations for traders
  • Learn about crypto trading from Front-End
  • Code with Anugular Hybrid Native Environment
Multi Exchange Mobile App Sources

Please send me Envato message for iOS demo
Google Play for Android: click here

Multi Exchange Crypto Mobile App Sources

Multi Exchange Crypto Mobile App Sources

  • Integrate and trade with any exchage
  • Switch on the Exchanges on the fly
  • Implement various strategies with more manual approach
  • Facilitate trading procedures and routines
  • Implement Customizations for Traders
  • Code with JavaScript and get fully Native Apps!

Morzynski Lab – Multi Exchange Crypto Market

Morzynski Lab brings a completely redesigned and rebuilt system to the game Fast, easy to use,
fully functional, and with a tone of awesome features that you’ll enjoy using bit by bit. Morzynski Lab Mobile App is the best Architectural Design.


  • Quality Item with 9 + years experience!
  • Quality Support with 24/7 responses to tickets!

MAIN FEATURES (Unified to Exchanges

  • Trade – Buy Limit / Sell Limit, Cancel Order, Order Pooler
  • Product Screener / Crypto Coin Listing
  • Trading Page with Candle Stick Chart (OHLCV/live update) with trade volume and time frame picker
  • Open Orders Page
  • Order History Page
  • Balances Page
  • Exchanges page – set API key / secret to exchange and set current exchange

Tech Stack

Multi Crypto Exchange Mobile App Sources

  • iOS/Android/Web – JavaScript
  • Reactive Architecture
  • Modular Architecture
  • Webpack Build System
  • TSLint Compliant
  • Global Error Handling
  • With App Notifications Plugin

Multi Exchange Mobile App for Android and iOS supports:


_1broker _1broker 1Broker 2 API US
_1btcxe _1btcxe 1BTCXE API Panama
acx acx ACX 2 API Australia
allcoin allcoin Allcoin 1 API Canada
anxpro anxpro ANXPro 2 API Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand
bibox bibox Bibox 1 API China, US, South Korea
binance binance Binance API Japan
bit2c bit2c Bit2C API Israel
bitbank bitbank bitbank 1 API Japan
bitbay bitbay BitBay API Poland, EU
bitfinex bitfinex Bitfinex 1 API British Virgin Islands
bitfinex2 bitfinex2 Bitfinex v2 2 API British Virgin Islands
bitflyer bitflyer bitFlyer 1 API Japan
bithumb bithumb Bithumb API South Korea
bitkk bitkk bitkk 1 API China
bitlish bitlish Bitlish 1 API UK, EU, Russia
bitmarket bitmarket BitMarket API Poland, EU
bitmex bitmex BitMEX 1 API Seychelles
bitso bitso Bitso 3 API Mexico
bitstamp bitstamp Bitstamp 2 API UK
bitstamp1 bitstamp1 Bitstamp v1 1 API UK
bittrex bittrex Bittrex 1.1 API US
bitz bitz Bit-Z 1 API Hong Kong
bl3p bl3p BL3P 1 API Netherlands, EU
bleutrade bleutrade Bleutrade 2 API Brazil
braziliex braziliex Braziliex API Brazil
btcbox btcbox BtcBox 1 API Japan
btcchina btcchina BTCChina 1 API China
btcexchange btcexchange BTCExchange API Philippines
btcmarkets btcmarkets BTC Markets API Australia
btctradeim btctradeim API Hong Kong
btctradeua btctradeua BTC Trade UA API Ukraine
btcturk btcturk BTCTurk API Turkey
btcx btcx BTCX 1 API Iceland, US, EU
bxinth bxinth API Thailand
ccex ccex C-CEX API Germany, EU
cex cex CEX.IO API UK, EU, Cyprus, Russia
chbtc chbtc CHBTC 1 API China
chilebit chilebit ChileBit 1 API Chile
cobinhood cobinhood COBINHOOD API Taiwan
coincheck coincheck coincheck API Japan, Indonesia
coinegg coinegg CoinEgg API China, UK
coinex coinex CoinEx 1 API China
coinexchange coinexchange CoinExchange API India, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, US
coinfloor coinfloor coinfloor API UK
coingi coingi Coingi API Panama, Bulgaria, China, US
coinmarketcap coinmarketcap CoinMarketCap 1 API US
coinmate coinmate CoinMate API UK, Czech Republic, EU
coinnest coinnest coinnest API South Korea
coinone coinone CoinOne 2 API South Korea
coinsecure coinsecure Coinsecure 1 API India
coinspot coinspot CoinSpot API Australia
coolcoin coolcoin CoolCoin API Hong Kong
cryptopia cryptopia Cryptopia API New Zealand
dsx dsx DSX 3 API UK
ethfinex ethfinex Ethfinex 1 API British Virgin Islands
exmo exmo EXMO 1 API Spain, Russia
exx exx EXX API China
flowbtc flowbtc flowBTC 1 API Brazil
foxbit foxbit FoxBit 1 API Brazil
fybse fybse FYB-SE API Sweden
fybsg fybsg FYB-SG API Singapore
gatecoin gatecoin Gatecoin API Hong Kong
gateio gateio 2 API China
gdax gdax GDAX API US
gemini gemini Gemini 1 API US
getbtc getbtc GetBTC API St. Vincent & Grenadines, Russia
hadax hadax HADAX 1 API China
hitbtc hitbtc HitBTC 1 API UK
hitbtc2 hitbtc2 HitBTC v2 2 API UK
huobi huobi Huobi 3 API China
huobicny huobicny Huobi CNY 1 API China
huobipro huobipro Huobi Pro 1 API China
ice3x ice3x ICE3X API South Africa
independentreserve independentreserve Independent Reserve API Australia, New Zealand
indodax indodax INDODAX 1.7 API Indonesia
itbit itbit itBit 1 API US
jubi jubi 1 API China
kraken kraken Kraken 0 API US
kucoin kucoin Kucoin 1 API Hong Kong
kuna kuna Kuna 2 API Ukraine
lakebtc lakebtc LakeBTC 2 API US
lbank lbank LBank 1 API China
liqui liqui Liqui 3 API Ukraine
livecoin livecoin LiveCoin API US, UK, Russia
luno luno luno 1 API UK, Singapore, South Africa
lykke lykke Lykke 1 API Switzerland
mercado mercado Mercado Bitcoin 3 API Brazil
mixcoins mixcoins MixCoins 1 API UK, Hong Kong
negociecoins negociecoins NegocieCoins 3 API Brazil
nova nova Novaexchange 2 API Tanzania
okcoincny okcoincny OKCoin CNY 1 API China
okcoinusd okcoinusd OKCoin USD 1 API China, US
okex okex OKEX 1 API China, US
paymium paymium Paymium 1 API France, EU
poloniex poloniex Poloniex API US
qryptos qryptos QRYPTOS 2 API China, Taiwan
quadrigacx quadrigacx QuadrigaCX 2 API Canada
quoinex quoinex QUOINEX 2 API Japan, Singapore, Vietnam
southxchange southxchange SouthXchange API Argentina
surbitcoin surbitcoin SurBitcoin 1 API Venezuela
therock therock TheRockTrading 1 API Malta
tidex tidex Tidex 3 API UK
urdubit urdubit UrduBit 1 API Pakistan
vaultoro vaultoro Vaultoro 1 API Switzerland
vbtc vbtc VBTC 1 API Vietnam
virwox virwox VirWoX API Austria, EU
wex wex WEX 3 API New Zealand
xbtce xbtce xBTCe 1 API Russia
yobit yobit YoBit 3 API Russia
yunbi yunbi YUNBI 2 API China
zaif zaif Zaif 1 API Japan
zb zb ZB 1 API China


Do you provide support? Real support?

Yes. Send us a message through our support form and we’ll provide hands on support for all the features included in the item. We’ll even answer your questions during weekends or holidays. So you’re covered. Always. Customization services will be charged at freelance fees and are not included in the support pack as per Envato Terms of Service.

What does the documentation cover? If I get lost? What then?

It covers how to connect the API and build the app for iOS and Android and use the provide features. Step by step! In case you get lost along the way, we will gladly aid you out and explain what needs to be done.

Do I have to learn new code beside the classic HTML, CSS and JS/TS to use this?

Not at all. We use the simplest possible code to the latest standards using the classic syntax’s you all know how to use. You won’t see any complicated mind-blowing class names in our products.

Is this item a iOS/Android Mobile ready built app?




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