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News365 – is a the most popular newspaper script and the most powerful php application which is designed and developed by Codeigniter. It is one of the unique idea on news world. Every News agency and News portal owner can use this application. User do not need to know single line of coding. All in one all News and magazine features are included inside of this application.

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User : and Password : 123456

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News365 Main Features :

  • Fully Dynamic News Portal System
  • Newsportal Magazine & Blog System
  • 4 Level User lever : administrator, admin, writer,moderator
  • No third party comment added. we have our own comments system added
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to post News and publish
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • 20 + Advertisement Position
  • Bootstrap Based Design
  • Fresh and Clean Code
  • Easy News Reporter System
  • All Browser Support
  • Fully Responsive

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Images are not Included

 Change Log: 11 Nov 2019 ( Version 4.4 )
* News Delete Problem is fixed from admin panel.
* Category page link up from home page
* New and updated installer added
* Some Minor Changes 

  Change Log: 05 April 2018 ( Version 4.1 )
   **** We fixed the language file problem. now just follow this instruction ad copy the file to your existing file. New Version > news365_v4.1 > application > Controller > admin > language.php file replace.
      Change Log: 05 March 2018 ( Version 4.1 )
      * Image library had the problem to search image. It is fixed in this version
      * Archive had some Problem it is also fixed.
Change Log: 22 February 2018 ( Version 4 )
* 4 Level user system added. Administrator, admin, writer, comment moderator
* It becomes now 100% controlled system by user own
* own comment system added you can approve or deny
* pagination and date problem 1970 is fixed
* Release & Publish Date added
* writer auto approve and not auto approve is added
Change Log: 20 August 2017
* Security System added.
* Modern Theme Has title problem is fixed now.
* Installer localhost issue fixed.
* Subscribe Option added.
* Live Analytics Added.
* Some array "[" issues is fixed based on servers.
* Facebook Based RSS Feed System added.
* Update problem is fixed.
* News Position at home page is fixed.
* Archive & Category page News Date 1947 is fixed.
Change Log: 1st March 2017
* Multi-Language Added
* Website and all device friendly ads enable or disable
* Sitemap System added
* RSS Feed Added
* XML System Added
* Page System added
* User Registration and login with Facebook & Google
* News List are shown now every time
* User Profile System updated
* Drag & Drop Menu adding System
* One user cannot edit or delete another user
* Demo data Delete options
* Submenu system added
* Empty ( ) function fixed
* 5th January 2017
* Added 3 Wonderful Theme
* Advertisement JS code Problem Fixed
* VK Social Media Added
* Super Admin post auto approve
* Inside Post Image Responsive problem Fixed
* Polling PHP error Updated
* PHP 7 problem fixed. Now fully support at php 7
* Empty( ) Function problem fixed. Now will support at all server.
* array( ) Function added what will help to support at any server.
* Print button page fixed
* Footer copyright Now can add by yourself.
* Ci_ Session table Char-set UTF-8 fixed
* News delete Problem fixed.

* 15 December 2016
* Website Title Fixed and make it SEO friendly. 



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