TheMAG – Highly Customizable Blog and Magazine Theme for Drupal



TheMAG is a Drupal theme that lets you create a modern magazine website with ease. It is ideal for sites that want to rake in ad revenue or profit from content. This bestseller theme is perfect for blogging, journalism, or entertainment sites.

TheMAG comes with lots of features and is fully compatible with Drupal Thunder distribution. It utilizes and extends the powerful and unique Drupal 8 Layout Builder that lets you create complex layouts and pages with few clicks.

Table of Contents

TheMAG Features

  • Online Documentation
  • Compatible with Drupal 8.x
  • Compatible with Drupal Thunder
  • Compatible with Drupal Commerce 2
  • Support all new Drupal 8 features
  • Compatible with Drupal 8 Layout Builder
  • Compatible with Page Manager, Panels and Panelizer
  • Content Builder Based on Drupal Paragraphs Module
  • Supports Drupal Comments and Forum module
  • Supports Quick Tabs, Poll, MailChimp, Superfish, and TB MegaMenu modules.
  • Simple Installation
  • Demo Content Included
  • Responsive Layouts Built on Latest Bootstrap 4
  • Responsive Typography
  • Responsive Images
  • Smart Image Crop
  • Reusable Media Assets
  • Sub-theme included by default
  • SCSS Files Included
  • Unlimited Number of Layout Combinations, Pages, Posts and Archive Variants
  • No CSS/HTML Knowledge Required!
  • 3 Different Header Styles + Custom Header Style
  • 2 Logo Positions
  • Banner in Header Support
  • Sticky Header Feature
  • Sticky Sidebars
  • Load More & Infinite Scroll Pager
  • 6 Different Homepage Styles
  • Diverse Categories (Each category can have its own layout and style)
  • 3 Unique Post Styles
  • 5 Featured Content Grids
  • Single Item Slider
  • Center Mode Slider
  • Two Column Slider
  • 11 Teaser Layout Styles
  • Article and Basic Page Content Types
  • Ability to choose different layout for each post
  • Built-in Video Player
  • Related Posts by Tags and Categories
  • Functional Contact Form
  • Social Share Integrations
  • Multi Language Support
  • SEO & Pagespeed Optimized
  • Well Documented, Full Installation and Configuration Guide Included
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Fast, Friendly and Dedicated Support


v4.0.3 (January 4, 2020)

- Drupal core updated to 8.8.1, as well as modules to their latest versions.
- Thunder updated to the latest version 3.4.1.
- Added support for the Forum module.
- Added a Gallery Grid paragraph type in the Thunder package.

v4.0.2 (December 15, 2019)

- The Drupal core updated to 8.8.0, as well as modules to their latest versions.
- Improved configuration for new installs.
- CSS classes added to the social media icons for additional styling.
- New Admin theme added to improve the editing experience.
- A new theme option added, which will allow you to add a link on a search icon instead of having a togglable search form.
- Fixed: In some cases, TheMAG Layout module breaks the Drupal UI dialog widget.
- Drupal 7 theme removed from the package.

v4.0.1 (September 10, 2019)

- Drupal and modules updated to the latest versions.
- Minor configurational fixes for new installs
- Thunder package updated to the latest version - Thunder 3
- Added boilerplate template files to the sub-theme for using with custom content types.
- Documentation update on "Adjusting the theme for a custom content type." 

v4.0.0 (July 9, 2019)

- Added full support for Drupal Layout Builder.
- Page Manager, Panels, and Panelizer modules are removed in favor of Drupal Layout Builder.
- Introduced TheMAG Layouts module which extends Drupal Layout Builder and comes with four super-configurable responsive section layouts, to help you build complex pages with ease.
- Custom Publishing Options are replaced with Entityqueue to simplify the managing of Featured and Editor's Picks items.
- Minor CSS fixes
- Updated core and modules to the latest version
- New documentation added for TheMAG version 4.

v3.0.6 (May 7, 2019))

- Update: Drupal core to 8.7 for new installs.
- Update: Modules to the latest versions.
- Update: Documentation.
- Fix: Article (node) preview.

v3.0.5 (April 12, 2019)

- Update: Drupal core to 8.6.14 for new installs.
- Update: Modules to the latest versions.
- Fix: Notice: Undefined index: region_attributes in charm_preprocess_layout()

v3.0.4 (March 19, 2019)

- Update: Drupal core to 8.6.12 for new installs.
- Update: Modules to the latest versions.
- Fix: Call to a member function getExtension() when you use the base theme as a default theme.

v3.0.3 (March 3, 2019)

Drupal 8

- Update: Drupal core to 8.6.10 for new installs
- Update: Modules to the latest versions
- Fix: A security fix in Drupal 8.6.10 prevents demo import.

v3.0.2 (February 7, 2019)

Drupal 8

- New: The Font Awesome library has removed from the package, and now is loaded from CDN.
- Update: Font Awesome library to 5.7.1
- Fix: Font Awesome hashtags are missing in the footer's taxonomy tags.
- Fix: Gallery grid doesn't show image captions.

v3.0.1 (February 6, 2019)

Drupal 8

- New: Added support for composer-managed Drupal projects with ready-made composer.json
- New: Added support for composer-managed Thunder projects with ready-made composer.json
- Update: Installation instructions.
- Update: Drupal core to 8.6.7 for new installs
- Update: Modules to the latest versions

v3.0.0 (October 23, 2018)

Drupal 8

- Added support for Drupal Thunder distribution. The theme is now fully compatible with Thunder.
- Added support for core Media module
- Added support for Poll module
- Added support for TB Mega Menu module
- Added support for QuickTabs module
- Added support for MailChimp module
- Added support for Panelizer module
- Added new theme settings
- Added sticky support for all header styles
- Added 6 new layouts which can be used with Page Manager and Panelizer
- Added new Center Mode slider style
- Added new Two Columns slider style
- Added two new Featured Grid layouts
- Created new home page layouts
- Improved Mobile Responsiveness
- Improved CSS styles
- Added new and simple HTML markup for teasers which allows you to use fields as row style in views instead of content
- Added Bootstrap responsive variation to some CSS classes to allow easy creation of responsive content grids 
- Improved SCSS structure and added new compiling strategy for those who wish to recompile the style
- The Commerce modules are removed for new installs to simplify the Drupal maintenance for those who don't have Composer.
- Updated Bootstrap library to v4.1.3
- Updated Font Awesome library to v5.4 and loaded from CDN
- Created new OnLine documentation for Drupal 8 theme

v2.1.6 (September 20, 2018)

Drupal 8

- Updated: Drupal 8 core to 8.6.1
- Updated: Drupal modules to the latest version.

v2.1.5 (April 27, 2018)

Drupal 8

- Updated: Drupal 8 core to 8.5.3
- Updated: Drupal modules to the latest version.

Drupal 7

- Updated: Drupal 7 core to 7.5.9
- Updated: Drupal modules to the latest version.

v2.1.4 (April 1, 2018)

Drupal 8

- New: Implemented smart image crop for new installs.
- Updated: Drupal 8 core to 8.5.1
- Updated: Drupal modules to the latest version.

v2.1.3 (March 8, 2018)

Drupal 8

- Updated: Drupal 8 core to 8.5.0
- Updated: Drupal modules to the latest version.
- New: Optimized theme performance and bandwidth usage: Now featured items and slider can used Image Style Presets.
- Fix: Site crashes after deleting Comment field
- Minor CSS fixes
- Documentation update (How to uninstall Commerce modules)



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