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Presentation is always a very important thing for attracting more visitors and convert them to customers. PDF files are better way for presenting infographics, flyers, brochures, invoices & more relevant things. That’s why you need a great solution for presenting the PDF files on your website. This is where ThemeNcode PDF Reader plays its role.

ThemeNcode PDF Reader helps website owners to display PDF files on their website with a nice, clean, professional looking and feature rich PDF Reader. Please have a look at the live preview to see the script in action and scroll to the bottom on this page for features.

ThemeNcode PDF Reader is a php script which can be used with any php based websites. It can be used in addition with joomla, magento and a lot more self hosted cms.

We originally released PDF Viewer for WordPress plugin which is already being used on thousands of WordPress websites.After releasing that we received many user requests for a php version, this is why we decided to release a php version as well.

We have options so that you can activate autolink or autoiframe pdf links.

It comes with an easy to use backend where you can upload pdf files & get a link to use on your website.


  • Baesd on php
  • Code Generator included with simple backend
  • 2 Display Types (Link, Iframe)
  • PDF Upload option in backend code generator
  • Custom PDF link option (must be under same domain)
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Fully Responsive
  • Can be integrated with any php based cms like joomla, drupal, magento etc.
  • Well Documented
  • Option to convert all pdf links to iframe viewer on a page
  • Option to convert all pdf links to open with viewer on a page
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer & most browsers
  • Fast & smooth user experience
  • Retain Image Quality
  • No Third Party links, install the viewer on your website.
  • No Limitation of pdf size
  • It uses jQuery to replace url?s automatically which won?t effect on your Site?s SEO if you use the plugin on old site.
  • Share pdf on social networks
  • Send link to friend via email
  • Enable/Disable social sharing
  • Enable/Disable Print Option
  • Enable/Disable Download Option
  • Enable/Disable Presentation mode
  • Enable/Disable Find Option
  • Enable/Disable Logo
  • Enable/Disable Zoom
  • Enable/Disable Page Navigation
  • Enable/Disable auto linking of pdf links to viewer
  • Brand viewer with you own logo
  • Translatable into 100+ Languages


Version 3.0 (17 November 2017)

* Change settings parameter default values
* Latest pdfjs (1.9.426)
* Added more controls for toolbar items
* Updated icons
* Added light and dark icons
* Added 3 Themes
* Lot more minor fix and improvements

Version 2.0 (26 October 2016)

* PDF file url is now hidden
* PDF js updated to latest stable version
* Disabled context menu and a few keystrokes
* Smoother & faster experience
* Lots of more improvements

Version 1.0 (10-01-2015)

* First Release
* Updates will be in next version


Popup.js =

Pdf.js =

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Any Comments or features requests are always welcome. Please feel free to let us know if you have any kind of questions or suggestions to improve the script.



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