UniMatrix Membership – MLM Script

UniMatrix Membership - MLM Script



UniMatrix is a PHP MLM script to build a membership site using Unilevel or Forced Matrix plan. The script comes with essential features to run a successful referral marketing program.

People can register for free and have an option to join your marketing plan from their Member CP. Unilevel and Forced Matrix plan are supported by the script, and you can configure the Unilevel plan with unlimited levels wide and up to 18 levels deep and the Forced Matrix plan with up to 5 levels wide and 18 levels deep.

Free Installation for the first 10 purchases. Available for a website with a CPanel or DirectAdmin hosting control panel. Terms and conditions apply.

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No coding experience is needed as it comes with configuration pages that manages site settings, marketing plans, notification templates, payment options, and more.

Buy a Regular license and you can use it for personal or commercial use. Leave the credit on the script as-is and should be visible.

Buy an Extended license and you can use it for personal or commercial use, as well as, allowed to remove the credit on the script.


  • Easy to follow Installation Wizard
  • Fully responsive design and mobile-friendly support
  • Support Unilevel and Forced Matrix plan
  • Easy Registration and Login process
  • Invisible reCaptcha for spam prevention
  • Free member registration option
  • Option to register or upgrade as a paid member
  • Multi-language support
  • One-click manual member approval
  • Member details page
  • Two options for Spillover process
  • Support personal referral, level commissions, and more
  • Random and default referrer options
  • Getting Started Content
  • Dynamic referral tracking
  • Manual member registration from Admin and Member CP
  • Member Matrix genealogy view
  • Transaction History
  • Withdraw request and history
  • Manage and Process withdraw request
  • Secure digital download for member
  • Private contents for a member
  • Transactional notification templates
  • Disable registration option
  • System Test to simulate the member registration and payment process
  • Maintenance mode feature
  • and more…

Keep it Simple and Secure

  • Secure Admin and Member dashboard with dynamic password hash
  • Optimize database statements for security
  • Security vulnerabilities mitigation (SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, etc.)
  • Free from relying on a framework or app package (composer, laravel, etc.)
  • Manually verified and approved by Envato experts
  • Free limited support
  • Proven and tested system
  • Unlimited free updates
  • Long terms bugs fixed and maintenance update
  • and more…


  • PHP >= 5.6 (using PHP 7.2 or 7.3 is recommended)
  • MySQL Database
  • PDO Extension (enabled by default)
  • JSon, zLib, gzEncode (enabled by default)

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Online Demo

Admin CPhttps://www.mlmscript.net/demo/unimatrix/admin

Username: admin / Password: demoadmin
Member CPhttps://www.mlmscript.net/demo/unimatrix/member

Username: demo / Password: demouser


v1.1.0 – 10 Mar 2020

+ Multi-language feature
+ Spanish as example additional language
+ One-click manual member approval
+ Terms and Condition content page
+ Adjust pagination size
- Fix missing text editor icons
- Fix installation database issue
- Fix member profile with an inactive account

v1.0.0 – 4 Mar 2020

+ Initial release

Thank you very much. If you need installation assistance, please contact us. We also provide support for our items!



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