Viral Marketing Promotion Script – WhatsApp & Messaging Apps (Share & Follow Locker)



Make your promotions go viral and grow traffic, sales & customers!

Have a new product or service and want massive growth in a short time by getting as many users as possible? This growth hacking tool creates a viral promotion so visitors share, follow or subscribe to unlock your offer, growing your traffic, customers & referrals overnight.

Why use this?

You can have the greatest product or service in the world but if nobody knows about it, your business won’t last very long. Whatever market you’re selling to is likely full of competitors. Even if you have a better quality product or service, your competition can get more business than you if they promote themselves properly. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to both provide an outstanding offering and promote it so everybody knows about it.

One of my favourite quotes from P.T. Barnum is “Without promotion something terrible happens… nothing!” If you’re not out promoting and selling your product then your competitors are taking your customers from you even if you can provide them with a better option. If you’re not promoting then you lose and your customers lose.

“Without promotion something terrible happens… nothing!”

-P.T. Barnum

Promoting your business doesn’t have to be expensive and time-consuming. You just have to do something unique to stand out, and what better way to stand out is by using this Viral Marketing Promotion Script! Let customers do all the marketing for you saving your time and money. They share your products or serivces with all there friends to unlock your promotion.

More Shares = More Traffic = More $$$

Types of promotions

Create multiple types of promotions such as:

  1. Coupon
  2. Deal
  3. Discount
  4. Download
  5. Music
  6. Tickets
  7. Video


Messaging apps share locker.

User must share on messaging apps to unlock your promotion. Select how many share buttons they must click (1-3). You can include follow buttons and contact form (user completes form after they share/follow).

  1. Facebook Messenger Share
  2. Line Share
  3. Skype Share
  4. Telegram Share
  5. Viber Share
  6. WeChat Share
  7. WhatsApp Share

Messaging apps follow locker.

User must follow your messaging app group to unlock your content. Select how many follow buttons they must click (1-3) and enter the usernames for the social networks to follow. You can include share buttons and contact form (user completes form after they follow/share).

  1. Facebook Messenger Group Follow
  2. Line Group Follow
  3. Skype Group Follow
  4. Telegram Group Follow
  5. Viber Group Follow
  6. WhatsApp Group Follow


1. Focus on your business and customers

Do you want to use social media to ATTRACT new leads and followers, ENGAGE fans and subscribers, CAPTURE customer data for marketing purposes, CONVERT social traffic and prospects into sales, RETAIN customer loyalty then view REPORTS to see if its all working? Social Promotions can fulfill your needs and makes it easier, faster and cheaper to grow your profits.

2. Save time, money & resources

If your a small to medium-size business owner, entrepreneur, startup or sole trader who can’t afford to pay expensive advertising costs or hire a marketing team but still want to compete with larger brands or competitors that have larger budgets then social promotions is the best choice, saving over 99% of your time, money and resources. Do things at faction of the cost and get better results.

3. Outsmart your competitors

Social Promotions helps you outsmart your competitors since it’s like having a large marketing and SEO team for free. People do all the marketing and improve your SEO ranking for you by telling all there friends, family or followers about your business, products or services, growing your traffic, referrals and sales overnight.

4. Take full control of your social media

With many promotion types, it gives you choices and options you may never have had before! Create, view and edit your social promotions to take full control of your social media marketing efforts. The tool works hard 24-7 by so you can focus on running your business and serving more customers.

5. Gain financial security and freedom

This is the harsh reality: You think you have an amazing product product or service and spend lots of money and months cooped up in your room or office researching, designing and developing it etc. Once its finally launched, you have little to no budget for marketing, so no one goes to your site because you have no traffic, no traffic means no customers, no customers means no sales. Your great idea turns to dust, your product or service turns to failure.

Now you can afford to make your business succeed and grow real profits with Social Promotions and get faster results! Time counts when you need results, the faster you get results, the faster you make money. That’s why Social Promotions gives you a free solution that handles appropriate marketing campaigns and gets you results in days not months.

Grow your income and gain that financial security you desire, achieving the time, money and freedom to be able to live life on your terms and do the things you enjoy, like spending more time with family or friends, pursuing a hobby, shopping, traveling the world and living the luxury or pampered life you have always dreamed off!






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