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Wise Church is the wisest multi-purpose WordPress theme for churches. It is unique, lightweight, rock-solid and blazing fast to meet your church needs. It is simple but compatible with modern or classic church site design making it comfortable for both site owners and visitors. Homepage can be created using Gutenberg blocks. Configuration is made easy with WordPress customizer which shows preview while updating its settings. It provides management for sermons, events, news, staff, locations, blog, ministries and galleries. It is unique because it supports live streaming videos with countdown timer, auto-reconnect feature and includes live chat plugin to communicate with visitors and members on-demand.

Wise Church was created by Probewise to meet WordPress standards in coding and style. It is rich in features that you cannot see on other WordPress theme. Let’s explore for more awesome features!

Full Features

Wise Church is specifically designed for churches to spread the good news throughout the world. Activating the theme will unlock its undeniable features listed below.

  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Popular Google Fonts
  • FontAwesome Fonts
  • Fast Loading
  • Unlimited Homepage
  • Unlimited Sidebar
  • 12 Custom Preloader
  • Slider Revolution ($25 included free)
  • Parallax Image Block Background
  • Video Block Background
  • Unlimited Homepage Combination
  • Unlimited Sidebar Creation
  • Sermon Archive
  • Events Archive
  • Events and Sermon Filter
  • Multi-Campus Locations
  • Staff and Leaders Archive
  • Galleries Page
  • Ministries Page
  • Live Streaming Support (HLS, Facebook Live, etc.)
  • Integrated Donations
  • Live Chat Unlimited ($75 included free)
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Clean Code and Rock-solid framework
  • Integrated Google reCAPTCHA
  • Wise Meta Tags
  • Popular Posts by day, week, month or year
  • Wise Scroll Features
  • Wise Tabs
  • Back-to-top Button
  • Sticky Menu and Sidebar
  • Wise Panel via WordPress Customizer
  • Grid and Block Post Layout
  • Two Footer Style, Widgetized and Single
  • Lightweight Social Media Buttons
  • Automatic Featured Post
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • Customized Login Form
  • Translation Ready
  • Automatic Updates via Envato Market WordPress plugin
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Supports bbPress
  • Supports Contact Form 7
  • Supports Give Donation Plugin
  • Supports Church Theme Content
  • Wise Gutenberg Blocks
    • Wise Featured Contents Block
    • Wise Tab Layout Block
    • Wise Live Countdown Block
    • Wise Map Location Block
    • Wise Profile Message Block
    • Wise Sermon Grid Block
    • Wise Subscribe Email Block
    • Wise Triple Description Block
    • Wise Welcome Message Block
  • Powerful Widgets
    • #Wise About
    • #Wise CTC Custom Events
    • #Wise Popular Sermons
    • #Wise CTC Recent Sermons
    • #Wise Tab Sermons
    • #Wise Dashboard User
    • #Wise Footer Sitelinks
    • #Wise Popular Posts
    • #Wise Recent Posts
    • #Wise Script
    • #Wise Social Media Footer
    • #Wise Subscribe Footer
    • #Wise Subscribe Sidebar
    • #Wise Tab Posts
    • #Wise Text Alert
  • Wise Typography
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Import/Export Customizer
  • Import/Export Widgets
  • Updated Documentation and Friendly Support

Wise Church is the perfect choice for churches. It is created specifically to maximize the ministries in the church reaching people around the world. You are also assured of its quality and features because it is created with love by Probewise which knows exactly how a church runs. So, what are you waiting for? Buy Wise Church now!

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Updates History / Current Version: 2.9.3

version 2.9.3 - 01/07/2020
Updated: Documentation and translation
Fixed: Translation text-domain
Updated: Bundled plugins
Fixed: About widget image type fields
Fixed: Login password icon position
version 2.9 - 10/23/19
Updated: Documentation and translation
Added: Content Editor Sidebar Fix
Fixed: Live Streaming Settings names
Fixed: Wise Welcome Message Block names
Fixed: Wise Triple Description Block names
Fixed: Wise Sermon Grid Block names
Fixed: Wise Profile Message Block names
Improved: Documentation menu, CSS and images
Fixed: Predefined Preloader Color name
Changed: Wise Featured Contents block name
Fixed: carbon_get_post_meta and wise_dynamic sidebar function_exists
Added: Child themes language support
Removed: Version query string removal
Added: Active callback to Retina image upload on Wise Panel
Fixed: Retina function for login page
Changed: Footer text to textarea on Wise Panel
Fixed: Page share, featured image conditionals
Fixed: Custom sidebar creation on Import Demo
Fixed: Wise Panel reCAPTCHA descriptions
Updated: TGM plugin activation to prevent bulk plugin activation error
Added: Wise login colors
Fixed: Wise login styling
Changed: 963px mobile view to 970px
Fixed: Default Header, Sticky Header and Footer Opacity
Fixed: Import/Export widgets and menus
Fixed: Retina 404 console errors
Fixed: Spacing on byline
Fixed: WooCommerce cart icon styling
Updated: External plugins URL for TGMPA
Fixed: W3C Validation errors
Updated: Wise Sermon Grid Block name
Fixed: Homepage blocks loop when page template is wrong
Improved: Page settings meta
Fixed: Sidebar PHP structure
Fixed: Google reCAPTCHA descriptions on Wise Panel
Fixed: Code settings sanitization to accept links
Added: Fix for empty excerpt
Fixed: Text and textarea sanitization on Wise Panel
Removed: Custom favicon function
Fixed: Comments heading fonts
Fixed: Welcome Message Block font title
Added: Table of Contents for Custom Inline Styles
Added: Table of Contents for Wise Typography Styles
Fixed: Gutenberg Editor styles
Fixed: Login Custom styles
Fixed: Descriptions font size
Fixed: Blockquote paragraph fonts
Fixed: Additional Functions Table of Contents
Removed: Panel Fields on additional functions
Removed: WordPress Customizer on additional functions
Moved: Custom inline styles to a separate php
Fixed: Wise Panel Table of Contents
Fixed: Events meta posts views duplication
Fixed: Events time block font size
Fixed: Tabs meta color
Fixed: Comments meta display inline block
Updated: Old posts views count function on templates
Improved: Posts view count function
Added: Related posts number conditionals on sermons, events
Fixed: Related posts number default value
Fixed: All CSS errors
Removed: Font family and weight on wise-church.css
Fixed: Full Carousel Slider title length
Fixed: Wise Typography function json error
Fixed: Widget lists styles
Added: Variable for google fonts on styles enqueue
Added: Wise Typography Customizer
Removed: Font family and weight on two-column.css
Added: If function exists on Wise Mag Contents plugin wise_posted_on
Added: Global variables to Wise Blog Contents plugin
Updated: Wise Panel descriptions
Added: active callback for Staff and Leaders Description
Added: active callback for Locations Description
Added: active callback for Events Description
Added: active callback for Sermon Archive Description
Added: active callback for Tag Lines Link and Target
Added: active callback for Footer Text
Added: active callback for Widgetized Footer
Added: active callback for Single Footer
Added: active callback for Google reCAPTCHA
Added: active callback for Sticky Header Opacity of Customizer
Added: active callback for Tag Lines Title
Added: active callback for custom colors
Added: active callback for Top Header Disable/Enable elements of Customizer
Updated: Custom colors description on Wise Panel
Changed: Color Scheme Settings to Color Settings
Added: active callback for Background Image
Added: Preloader Type to Customizer and active callback on its dependents
Fixed: Sidebar widgets style for new Carbon Fields
Separated: Button and Tabs Color
Fixed: Wise Tabs enqueue positioning
Fixed: Header Lines to Inline Style
Fixed: Lines, Borders and Objects to Inline Style
Fixed: Text and Links to Inline Style
Changed: Predefined and Colors descriptions.
Changed: Predefined Color Scheme default value to blank on Wise Panel
Fixed: All radio default values of Wise Panel
Fixed: WooCommerce no. of products to display filter and Wise Panel function
Added: Sanitization to Customizer
Fixed: Sticky Kit on Customizer
Fixed: Sticky Header Social Media conditionals
Added: Conditionals to Disable Sticky Header and Header if wise_content_plugin exists
Added: Disable Sticky Header Social Media to Wise Panel
Added: Disable Header Social Media to Wise Panel
Changed: Code Settings to Analytics Code Settings
Added: Default value to Wise Panel Opacity
Fixed: Control ID of Wise Panel
Added: Conditionals for Disable Sticky Sidebar
Fixed: Require functions numbering
Removed: Sidebar homepage
Fixed: Wise Dynamic Sidebar
Moved: Share buttons to Wise Church Contents plugin
Moved: Social Media Icons to Wise Church Contents plugin
Fixed: Color Scheme default function
Moved: Breadcrumbs to Wise Church Contents plugin
Fixed: Breadcrumbs spacing, remove top-meta-2
Added: Disable Breadrumbs to Wise Panel Customizer
Fixed: Widgets with Social Media if function wise_footer_social_menu exists
Fixed: Main Background Fix inline style
Fixed: Header, Sticky and Footer inline style
Fixed: Preloader inline style
Added: If function exists on preloader
Added: Translation file to Wise Church Contents plugin
Added: Conditionals on page and post fields if wise_content_plugin exists
Moved: Widgets to Wise Church Contents plugin
Fixed: Require and include statements
Added: Customizer Export/Import as recommended plugin for backup
Added: Widget Importer & Exporter as recommended plugin for backup
Fixed: Import Export Demo contents functions
Added: TGM Plugin Activation
Moved: Custom Code to Wise Church Content plugin
Fixed: Fix Gutenberg Contents function
Fixed: Wise Opacity values on Wise Panel
Added: Conditionals for plugin dependent features
Improved: Wise Church Content plugin structure
Added: WordPress Customizer Reset
Updated: Stylesheet Descriptions
Fixed: CTC Framework Events current URL with query string
Fixed: Fix Gutenberg Contents function
Moved: Popular Posts Count to Wise Church Content plugin
Fixed: Primary Menu PHP supression error
Fixed: Wise Dashboard widget PHP supression error
Moved: Google reCAPTCHA to Wise Church Content plugin
Moved: Version Query string to Wise Church Content plugin
Moved: Sticky kit deregister to Wise Church Content plugin
Moved: Gutenberg fix to Wise Church Content plugin
Added: Register widgets to Wise Church Content plugin
Added: Wise Church Content plugin
Fixed: Translation text domain
Added: Table of Contents on Wise Panel
Fixed: Comment date function
Fixed: Human readable updated date meta tag
Fixed: Comment consent style
Fixed: Site info footer HTML structure
Improved: Footer Settings titles
Fixed: WooCommerce product number functions
Removed: Duplicate Featured Homepage Posts
Improved: Position of Security Settings
Added: Advisory to use Page Watch Live template to enable Live Streaming Settings
Fixed: Live Streaming Settings to show only on page-watch template
Fixed: Featured Slider post type query
Fixed: Set option default value to yes
Removed: Google+ on Share Button on posts, replaced with Email
Improved: Share media buttons positions
Fixed: Events archive link filter
Fixed: Customizer with two option to use radio instead of select input type
Improved: Number of related posts to show on Customizer
Fixed: Carbon fields dependent function when deactivated
Added: Live auto countdown auto timer restart feature
Fixed: Live auto countdown auto timer function
Changed: Headhesive title to Sticky Header on Customizer
Added: Header donate target link to Customizer
Added: Customizer control style division
Added: Header Tag Lines Links Target
Added: Header Settings to Customizer
Fixed: After body tag code position
Fixed: Before head close tag code position
Added: Code Settings to Customizer
Fixed: Wise Color Scheme for Customizer
Updated: Wise Color Scheme CSS variable value
Added: Color Scheme Settings to Customizer
Updated: Google Font function
Added: Font Settings to Customizer
Fixed: Sticky Sidebar values and added to Customizer
Fixed: Layout Style values and added to Customizer
Fixed: All wise get_option to get_theme_mod
Fixed: Footer retina styling
Fixed: Header and headhesive retina styling
Added: Preloader Image on General Settings of Customizer
Added: Predefined Preloader on General Settings of Customizer
Added: Predefined Preloader Color on General Settings of Customizer
Added: Background Image on General Settings of Customizer
Added: Disable Background Image on General Settings of Customizer
Added: Wise Null global variable
Fixed: Default value of page sidebar
Removed: Map Zoom fields on Map Location Block
Fixed: Default Map Location Block Type ID
Updated: Carbon fields map api key function
Added: Profile Message Block
Added: Subscribe Email Block
Added: Map Location Block
Fixed: Tab Layout Block if category is empty
Added: Tab Layout Block
Fixed: Default option value of blocks and widgets
Added: Wise Slider Block
Added: Live Countdown Block
Added: Triple Description Block
Added: Wise Welcome Message Block
Added: Grid Layout Block
Fixed: Widgets structure and IDs
Removed: Custom size on all widgets
Added: ID on each widgets
Fixed: Array on select fields
Fixed: Carbon fields CSS
version 2.5.1 - 07/15/19
Updated: Documentation and translation
Updated: Screets Live Chat bundled plugin
Updated: Slider Revolution bundled plugin
Updated: Compatibility to WordPress 5.2.2
Fixed: Deprecated login_headertitle filter
Fixed: Wise sermon permalinks filter
version 2.5 - 03/29/19
Fixed: Home tabs styling
Fixed: Home tabs smooth scrolling
Fixed: Responsive main menu conflict with submenu
Fixed: Responsive menu submenu icons
Fixed: Next previous button styling for Safari
Improved: Submenu icon
Fixed: Parent menu with submenu links
Added: Reset submenus when mobile menu button or close menu is clicked
Fixed: Close menu on responsive submenu
Fixed: Links URL on responsive submenu
Fixed: Search top close cursor pointer
Fixed: CSS error
Fixed: Responsive submenu animation
Fixed: Responsive menu styling
Fixed: #Wise Dashboard User login on responsive view
Updated: Bundled Live Chat and Slider Revolution
Updated: Documentation and translation
version 2.4 - 12/14/18
Fixed: Owl Carousel outline/border
Fixed: Tab conditionals for jQuery UI tabs
Fixed: Wise Masonry for jQuery UI tabs
Fixed: WooCommerce tabs colors
Fixed: Tab colors for jQuery UI tabs
Fixed: Tab fonts for jQuery UI tabs
Fixed: Wise Panel Color Picker style
Fixed: Other styling
Fixed: Add wrapper to tabs
Removed: Active class on tabs
Fixed: Wise Panel theme information
Fixed: Tab windows navigation when it is a hash page
Fixed: Sticky kit when tab widget is present
Fixed: Form focus styling
Fixed: Header, headhesive and footer images sizes
Fixed: Hash page layout
Fixed: style.css quoted values
Fixed: WooCommerce tabs styling
Switched: Bootstrap tabs to jQuery UI tabs
Fixed: Site Maintenance Theme for widgets
Fixed: #Home - Layout Block Tab widget's events date when there's no post thumbnail
Fixed: Live Countdown Query
Fixed: Archive Read More Tooltip hover
Added: Facebook Automated Live Embed feature
Fixed: Events Category Query
Fixed: #Home - Welcome Message widget description
Fixed: Events Archive title
Updated: Church Content backend links
Updated: Documentation links
Fixed: Pinterest share button URL
Fixed: Back to top properties
Updated: Style and import-export links to https
Updated: Default favicon
Fixed: Singe Post Image styling
Fixed: Staff groups ordering
Updated: Documentation and translation
version 2.3 - 09/13/18
Updated: Documentation and translation
Updated: WooCommerce comments styling
Fixed: Screets chat spacing
Improved: Wise Panel logo
Fixed: Revolution Slider tags
Fixed: W3C Warning by removing obsolete features
Fixed: Import/Export Wise Panel compatibility to PHP 7.0+
Updated: Revolution Slider and Screets Live Chat
Fixed: Staff & leaders group archive paging
Fixed: Events category archive paging
Fixed: Sermon tag archive paging
Fixed: Events and Sermons archive title
Fixed: Issue on groups for staff & leaders archive
Fixed: Breadcrumbs for taxonomies
version 2.2.3 - 05/05/18
Fixed: Related events date when there's no featured image
Fixed: Header h1 site title on homepage and posts/pages
Updated: WooCommerce templates
Fixed: Events archive date when there's no featured image
Added: Person archive email address to display
Improved: Person archive and single page providing a class
version 2.2 - 03/23/18
Added: Triple Description widget text to accept html tags
Added: Home Welcome widget text to accept html tags
Added: Home Subscribe widget text to accept html tags
Added: Our Pastor widget text to accept html tags
Updated: WooCommerce templates
Fixed: Animation settings of home widgets
Fixed: Clearings of home widgets
Fixed: More Events on single events page
Fixed: Featured Post meta
Improved: Live streaming settings
Added: Live streaming countdown automation by events
Fixed: Wise location map script
FIxed: Wise location animation script
Removed: Disable Category Permalink Base URL
Improved: Flowplayer when offline
Updated: WooCommerce compatibility for archive product
Fixed: WooCommerce subcategories layout
Updated: WooCommerce deprecated function
Fixed: Page and archive entry title heading tag
Added: Maintenance Mode theme
Removed: Deprecated widgets
Updated and Fixed: Flowplayer
Updated: Documentation and translation
version 2.1 - 01/06/18
Updated: Carbon fields to avoid widget loss
Updated: Live Chat plugin support
Fixed: Live Chat styling
Updated: Revolution Slider plugin support
Fixed: reCAPTCHA styling for Contact Form plugin
Fixed: Tabs link styling
Updated: Documentation and translation
Fixed: Ministries and Galleries feature
Improved: Wise Block Tab
Fixed: Permalinks for categories
Fixed: Drop-down select styling
Fixed: Undefined index error on widgets with new fields
Fixed: Sticky header follow button styling
Fixed: Navigation button styling
Fixed: Search top button styling
Added: Featured Contents Order by date, random, title, comments feature
Fixed: Church Contents breadcrumbs and archive titles
version 2.0 - 10/20/17
Updated: Documentation and translation
Updated: Plugins compatibility
Updated: Church Theme Content to Church Content plugin
Updated: WooCommerce deprecated functions
Updated: Revolution Slider plugin
Fixed: Login/Logout link on mobile
Fixed: bbPress editor styling
version 1.9.3 - 07/10/17
Updated: Translation and documentation
Fixed: Donate button on mobile
Updated: WooCommerce compatibility to the latest version
Improved: Login/Logout link on mobile
Fixed: Title heading markup for posts, events, sermons, location, person
version 1.9 - 06/17/17
Fixed: Background image cover
Fixed: Comment navigation spacing and translation
Updated: Compatibility with new WordPress version
Fixed: Compatibility with new Revolution Slider version
Fixed: Share buttons PHP error
Added: Featured Content slider speed option
Updated: WooCommerce new version compatibility
Updated: Screets Live Chat new version compatibility
Fixed: Id of Facebook share button
Fixed: Child theme CSS position
Fixed: WooCommerce deprecated functions
Updated: Documentation and translation
version 1.8.3 - 04/16/17
Fixed: Tab Popular Recent widget PHP error
Fixed: Search Results wordings on search page
Updated: Revolution Slider support
Fixed: WooCommerce price PHP error
Fixed: Other WooCommerce PHP errors
Fixed: #Home Welcome Message widget video background
Improved: Default images sizes
Fixed: About widget PHP error
Fixed: Subscribe Sidebar widget PHP error
Fixed: Tab Sermon widget PHP error
Fixed: Dashboard widget PHP error
Fixed: Popular post widget PHP error
Fixed: Recent post widget PHP error
Fixed: Text Alert widget PHP error
Fixed: Comments awaiting moderation notice styling
Fixed: Google reCAPTCHA functions
Fixed: Script widget
Fixed: Content-none code
Fixed: Printf issues
Fixed: Footer date error
Fixed: Other translation issues
Fixed: Tag line link when empty
Fixed: Tag line when in mobile
Updated: WooCommerce compatibility to the latest version
Fixed: Page numbers color and spacing
Fixed: Disable Tag Lines and Span feature
Updated: Documentation and Translation
version 1.7.7 - 03/25/17
Fixed: W3C errors, Slider Revolution, #Home widgets
Fixed: Subscribe Sidebar line height
Fixed: Ministries and Galleries archive number of posts
Fixed: Layout Block Tab widget ministries and galleries category number of posts
Fixed: Header donation URL
Fixed: Google reCAPTCHA when default is provided
Fixed: Wise Panel translation wordings
Improved: Wise Social Media Footer widget code and translation
Improved: Wise Subscirbe Sidebar, CSS widget code and translation
Improved: Wise CTC Custom Events widget code and translation
Added: Fallback message on sidebar widgets when there's no post
Fixed: Translatable word/s on import and export function
Improved: Wise Recent Posts widget code and translation
Improved: Wise Popular Posts widget code and translation
Improved: Wise Tab Posts widget code and translation
Improved: Disable Footer About Logo
Improved: Wise About widget code and translation
Improved: Wise Script widget code and translation
Improved: Wise Text Alert widget code, CSS and translation
Improved: Wise Footer Sitelinks widget code and translation
Improved: Header contact details code and translation
Improved: Donation code and translation
Fixed: Lost your password link on WooCommerce
Improved: Header tag lines code and translation
Fixed: Header tag lines menu translation
Added: Function to remove archive prefix title
Fixed: Archive description translation
Fixed: Footer translation
Improved: Triple Description Block code and translation
Improved:Layout Block Tab code and translation
Improved: Sermon Block Grid code and translation
Improved: Map Block code and translation
Improved: Our Pastor Block code, layout and translation
Improved: Featured Contents Block code and translation
Improved: Content Subscribe Block translation
Improved: Content Subscribe Block code and translation
Improved: Related posts events
Fixed: Header, headhesive, footer styling opacity feature
Improved: Ministries and Galleries post archive code
Fixed: Related posts feature
Added: Related post number of post to show on Wise Panel
Fixed: Sermons related posts feature
Fixed: Color Scheme next button hover
Fixed: #Wise Dashboard User widget login link
Fixed: No posts content none layout
Fixed: #Wise Subscribe Sidebar widget default title
Updated: Documentation and translation
version 1.6.1 - 01/01/17
Fixed: PHP error for WooCommerce number of posts to show on archive
Fixed: Cover carousel block widget demo import content
Updated: Translation
version 1.6 - 12/29/16
Added: Wise Panel Backup/Restore option settings
Added: One Click Demo import
Fixed: WooCommerce PHP error
Fixed: Google Plus Wise Panel translation
Fixed: Header z-index position
Fixed: Featured Contents block when empty
Updated: Documentation and Translation
version 1.5.6 - 12/06/06
Improved: Error message styling
Fixed: Author meta PHP error
Fixed: Number styling
Fixed: bbPress edit styling
Fixed: jQuery for sermon tabs
Improved: Code structions and fixed validation
Fixed: All date translation
Improved: Custom field code
Fixed: Image redirection
Fixed: Global variable for allowed html validation
Fixed: CSS responsiveness for sidebar
Fixed: PHP error on tag list
Fixed: Translation on search form
Fixed: Other validation errors
version 1.5 - 11/22/16
Fixed: Custom page fields directory
Fixed: Past Events archive title
Fixed: Image alignments spacing
Fixed: Sermon tab spacing
Improved: Staff styling
Added: Breadcrumbs on WooCommerce product page
Improved: Breadcrumbs styling and spacing
Fixed: Google Recaptcha spacing for login/register page
Fixed: Background loading
Fixed: Paragraph spacing
Fixed: Taxonomy description and body line spacing
Fixed: Author Description when empty
Fixed: Comment navigation styling
Fixed: Tag list when empty
Fixed: Next, previous article navigation spacing
Fixed: Comment padding and spacing
Fixed: Sidebar for page
Fixed: Sticky Sidebar offset when sticky menu is disabled
Fixed: Sidebar spacing when responsive
Fixed: Page post thumb and social share icon spacing
Fixed: Site main two-column bottom spacing
Fixed: Bottom margin for paging-navigation
Fixed: Comments translation
Fixed: bbPress widget spacing
Removed: Disable Preloader from Wise Panel
Fixed: Comment pingback spacing
Updated: Social media footer from about widget
Fixed: Site main two-column spacing
Fixed: WooCommerce spacing and styling
Fixed: Preloader when empty
Improved: Search and 404 templates styling
Fixed: Comments reply when closed or empty
Improved: jQuery functions code structure
Fixed: Home spacing and padding
Fixed: Image Lightbox index
Improved: Screenshot image size for HD screens
Fixed: Custom code functions
Fixed: Hard coded inline styles using wp_add_inline_style
Added: Google Recaptcha style, removed inline style
Added: Automatic language detection for Google ReCAPTCHA
Fixed: Validation errors
Fixed: PHP errors
Added: Page title alignment feature
Fixed: Comments placeholder translation
Fixed: Subscribe widgets translation
Added: Translation for Home breadcrumbs
Fixed: Updated word translation for meta tags
Fixed: Translation tags
Improved: Social media icons code
Added: Social media icons: vimeo, instagram, pinterest, vk
Fixed: Widget title for footer styling and spacing
Fixed: About widget logo when empty
Fixed: Social links footer spacing
Added: Prefix to show_captcha
Added: Prefix to load widgets
Fixed: Calendar footer widgets styling
Fixed: Page and navigation footer widgets styling
Fixed: Headhesive overlay on WP toolbar when logged in
Fixed: Home url sanitization and escape
Fixed: Reset query data
Fixed: Reply color styling
Fixed: bbPress closed topic color styling
Improved: bbPress freshness font size
Updated: Documentation and Translation
version 1.4.2 - 11/02/16
Fixed: #Home - Layout Block Tab
Fixed: Featured image on post when paginated
Fixed: Calendar widget styling
Updated: Documentation links
version 1.4 - 10/27/16
Added: Slider Revolution Support
Fixed: #Home - Triple Description custom image alignment
Updated: WooCommerce and Give Donation plugin support
Fixed: Other sanitization
Added: Disable Featured image on single sermon
Updated: bbPress and WooCommerce styling
Improved: Table styling
Added: Feature to set opacity of header and footer
Fixed: Logo images sizes
Removed: Default preloader
Added: Predefined preloader
Updated: Fontawesome to 4.7
Fixed: Predefined colors
add disable sermon featured image
Fixed: Single Block products archive categories
Improved: Main search form styling
Fixed: Typography on Wise Panel
Removed: Maps on Pages
Fixed: List categories array function
Fixed: Wise Panel Disable Error Login Info label
Fixed: Page number styling
Fixed: Error pages layout
Fixed: Header background color styling
Fixed: Content background color styling
Fixed: Sidebar color styling
Updated: Documentation and Translation
version 1.3 - 10/15/16
Added: Homepage Maps Widget
Added: Error notice on events widget when empty
Fixed: Error non-printable character on posts meta
Improved: Map sizes for single locations and events
Added: Past Events on archive events filter
Fixed: Index cat styling
Added: Year to upcoming events thumbnail date
Added: Month and year filter on events archive filter
Improved: Error notice styling
Fixed: Page Watch Live tab buttons responsiveness
Fixed: YouTube videos embed, removed related videos
Fixed: Single sermon contents when empty
Added: Translation for sermon audio tabs "You are listening to" 
Improved: Styling for Media Element player embed
Improved: Backend colors, changed it to neutral colors
Removed: Order options on events widget, set to default
Improved: Sermon filter labels
Fixed: Default search box styling
Added: Filter and search box for events archive
Fixed: Events query for archive, widgets and home events
Fixed: Events archive meta
Improved: Sermon single tabs when empty
Improved: Sermon archive icons when empty
Improved: Sermon homepage block icons when empty
Added: Clearings on sermon single downloads tab content
Fixed: Welcome Message homepage widget PHP error
Fixed: Our Pastor homepage widget PHP error
Fixed: Events homepage directions button redirection
Fixed: Sanitization for events time meta tags
Fixed: WooCommerce quantity styling
Fixed: WooCommerce notice styling
Updated: Documentation and Translation
version 1.2 - 10/05/16
Fixed: Events widget time
Fixed: Post type archive filter
Fixed: Offset for home sermon
Fixed: Custom post type pagination
Fixed: bbPress content links color
Fixed: Custom color defaults for Wise Panel
Fixed and Improved: Contact Form input styling
Updated: Screets Live Chat plugin support
Fixed: Events archive ordering
Fixed and Improved: Paging navigation for each post type and taxonomies
Added: Control on number of posts to show for each post type to Wise Panel
Fixed: Post meta when empty
Fixed: Entry meta date for SEO
Fixed: Entry meta popular date
Fixed: Left sidebar responsiveness
Fixed: Masonry and Sticky Sidebar conflict
Improved: Widget styling, prevents overflow
Fixed: Sidebar wrapper width
Fixed: Archive events date
Improved: Search box design and styling
Added: Support for html tags on text alert widget
Fixed: bbPress reply avatar spacing
Fixed: Default Preloader animation
Updated: Translation and Documentation
version 1.1 - 09/23/16
Improved: About Widget, added social media buttons
Added: Subscribe Homepage widget
Improved: Sitelinks widget styling
Fixed: Script widget
Fixed: Sermon tab styling
Improved and Added: Default Preloader
Improved: CSS enqueue
Improved: Transparency for Block Layouts
Added: Video Parallax for Welcome Message Block
Removed: Welcome Message color from Wise Panel, added on widget
Improved: Predefined color scheme CSS
Improved: Footer font size
Fixed: Sticky Menu animation and CSS
Added: Our Pastor Parallax Block
Improved and Fixed: All layout block
Added: Animation to Block Layout
Added: Waypoint.js
Added: Necessary ID's for Block Layout
Updated: Documentation and Translation
version 1.0.1 - 09/17/16
Fixed: Page builder issue
Added: Smooth scroll on all hash URL tabs
Improved: jQUery files, minified .js
Updated: Documentation and translation
version 1.0 - 09/13/16
Initial Release



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